License Photo Wake-Up Call: My Skincare Transformation!

My new driver’s license photo didn’t match the face in the mirror, I knew something had to change. Here’s the story of my unexpected discovery.

The moment I saw my renewed driver’s license photo, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, instead of the youthful face I’m used to, was a version of me with sagging skin and laugh lines, looking way past my 45 years.

I tried various wrinkle creams, applying them diligently every morning and night, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, things seemed to be getting worse.

Then, I came across an article in “Medical Care and New Remedies,” a Japanese medical journal. It was an eye-opener. The article explained that effectively tackling laugh lines meant boosting collagen from within.

That’s where I first read about b.glen’s QuSome Lift. This serum, a functional emulsion that works to boost collagen in the skin, had clinical evidence backing its claims to reduce laugh lines and improve facial contours.
And all this was documented in the journal itself.

Published in ‘診療と新薬’ (Clinical Treatment and New Drugs) , this 4-week study highlights QuSome Lift’s efficacy in enhancing skin features.

This serum sparked my interest, yet I was cautious.
🙄Would it suit my skin type?
🙄Could I weave it into my daily beauty ritual?

I discovered the ideal solution with b.glen’s 7-day trial Starter Set.

  • Conveniently Accessible: Easily available in the US and includes free shipping.
  • Comprehensive Care: Comes with the QuSome Lift serum and four additional skincare products for a full routine.
  • Zero Risk: With a 365-day money-back guarantee, b.glen shows confidence in their promise of satisfaction.

Unboxing b.glen's Skincare Wonders – Made in Japan!

I was excited to see what was inside this neatly packed box.

QuSome Lift serum, with its silky texture, quickly became a part of my morning routine. I noticed its firming effect, especially around my chin.

Clay Wash was a revelation – gentle yet effective, leaving my skin clean and surprisingly hydrated.

QuSome Lotion was a refreshing toner that prepared my skin to fully absorb the benefits of the serum.

After applying QuSome Lift, I used C serum, which added a warm, soothing touch, making my skin look brighter.

Finally, QuSome Moisture Rich Cream locked in all the goodness, ensuring I woke up to a softer, smoother complexion.

Whether I followed the full five-step regimen or just a quick morning routine with the lotion and serum, this starter kit transformed my skincare into a luxurious daily ritual.

After a week, as I was finishing the starter kit, the change was astounding. My skin felt soft and bouncy, looked clearer, and my facial contours seemed more defined.

Seeing such positive results, I decided to continue with the QuSome Lift, QuSome Lotion, and the C serum.

Three months later, my face, which had started to look a bit saggy, was now firmer and clearer. My neck and décolleté, which I used to be self-conscious about, looked smoother and healthier.

And even though I’ve gained a bit of weight, I feel – and I think look – younger than I did three months ago.

Looking forward to my next driver’s license photo, I’m not just hopeful; I’m excited. With b.glen, I’m expecting not just a better photo, but a real transformation.

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Clay Wash (25g/0.88oz.) / QuSome Lotion (12mL/0.4fl.oz.) / QuSome Lift (10g/0.36oz.) / C serum (5mL/0.17fl.oz.) / QuSome Moisture Rich Cream (7g/0.25oz.)