Picture-Perfect Turnaround:From Driver’s License Dismay toSaggy Skin Solution.

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Clay Wash (25g/0.88oz.) / QuSome Lotion (12mL/0.4fl.oz.) / QuSome Lift (10g/0.36oz.) / C serum (5mL/0.17fl.oz.) / QuSome Moisture Rich Cream (7g/0.25oz.)

Once daily massage serum for a contoured complexion featuring peptides and botanical extracts.

5 clinically-proven anti-aging ingredients.

Clinical Results in Medical Journal

Published in ‘診療と新薬’ (Clinical Treatment and New Drugs) , this 4-week study highlights QuSome Lift’s efficacy in enhancing skin features.

As powerful as they may be, ingredients don’t do much aside from leave a temporary glow unless they are able to be absorbed deep into the dermal skin layers. This is exactly why patented QuSome® technology is essential for maintaining long-lasting results


Skin absorption demonstration using “cultured” skin* showing fluorochrome encapsulated QuSome lotion vs a non-QuSome fluorochrome lotion 6 hours after application.

*Cultured skin is a synthetic skin product used in non-animal testing facilities that mimics real skin for testing purposes. 

Transdermal Absorption Comparative Test: Cross sectional photograph of cultured skin 6 hours after Fluorochrome lotion was applied.
Test number: NDR-CO-14111201KD (Test conducted by Nicoderm Research, KK.)

Laugh lines

“Laugh Lines Gone!”
“As my laugh lines grew longer and my face looked older, I tried b.glen’s firming care, following Dermatherapist Yuko’s video and daily QuSome Lift massages. After 6 months, my facial contour slimmed, and laugh lines faded. 😊
– Mary K., 57, Austin, TX” 👩‍🦳

Turkey Neck

“When my grandchild noticed neck wrinkles, it was a wakeup call. Seeking advice from b.glen’s Sunny, I adopted Toner, QuSome Lift, and Rich Cream, along with a gentle neck massage. The results have been astonishing! My neck feels firmer, and the unforgiving signs of aging have softened. I’m now taking on aging with confidence!”
– Yumiko M., 69, Gardena, CA 👵🌟

Face Line

“Slimmer Contour in 2 Months!”
“After turning 35, I noticed my facial contours losing their definition, making me camera-shy in group photos. I tried b.glen’s contour-enhancing care, which was making waves online. Even for a lazy person like me, the enjoyable massages with QuSome Lift were easy to maintain.In just two months, I’ve received compliments on my slimmer face!”
– Eriko S., 36, Tokyo, Japan 📸🌟 

Q: Can it be used on sensitive skin?

A: Yes, it can be used. However, since everyone’s skin is different, we recommend starting with a small amount. If you are concerned, please perform a patch test on the inside of your arm before using it extensively.

Q: What should I do if the product doesn’t suit my skin?

A: It’s possible that adjusting the usage procedure or the amount used can improve the situation. Please contact customer support for assistance.

Q: Is it ineffective if I don’t massage it into my skin?

A: The product is effective even if simply applied. However, massaging it into your skin can promote blood circulation, enhancing its effects.

Q: Can it be used around the eyes?

A: Yes, it can be used. Please be careful not to get it into your eyes.

Q: Will my skin improve just with the 7-day starter kit?

A: The starter kit is designed to test whether the product suits your skin before beginning a full-scale care regimen. Therefore, it might be difficult to fundamentally improve skin concerns in just 7 days. However, you might notice differences in skin firmness, moisture, and brightness. Continuing skincare with full-size products thereafter can lead to improvements in skin concerns.

Q: Is there a shipping fee?

A: The starter kit ships for free within the US. For international shipments, the fee is $20 for Canada and $40 for other countries.

Q: What should I do if I feel the product doesn’t suit my skin?

A: We offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. Please contact customer service if you have concerns. Be sure to keep the container and outer box.