Picture-Perfect Turnaround:From Driver’s License Dismay to Saggy Skin Solution

The arrival of my new driver’s license was a reality check. There I was, expecting the youthful face that often gets mistaken for 30-something, but the photo reflected someone seemingly beyond 45.

The sagging skin and pronounced laugh lines were right there, staring back at me. 

Despite adding more wrinkle creams to my regimen, my skin’s resilience was fading, and the laugh lines deepened.

In my search for a solution, I came across an enlightening article in the Japanese medical journal “Medical Care and New Remedies,” which emphasized that true treatment for laugh lines involves enhancing collagen from within. (Learn More >)

The same article presented b.glen’s QuSome Lift serum, highlighting its clinically proven results for reducing laugh lines and refining facial contours, as documented within the journal.

Published in ‘診療と新薬’ (Clinical Treatment and New Drugs) , this 4-week study highlights QuSome Lift’s efficacy in enhancing skin features.

This serum sparked my interest, yet I was cautious.
🙄Would it suit my skin type?
🙄Could I weave it into my daily beauty ritual?

I discovered the ideal solution with b.glen’s 7-day trial Starter Set.

  • Conveniently Accessible: Easily available in the US and includes free shipping.
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Clay Wash (25g/0.88oz.) / QuSome Lotion (12mL/0.4fl.oz.) / QuSome Lift (10g/0.36oz.) / C serum (5mL/0.17fl.oz.) / QuSome Moisture Rich Cream (7g/0.25oz.)

Once daily massage serum for a contoured complexion featuring peptides and botanical extracts.

5 clinically-proven anti-aging ingredients.

Clinical Results in Medical Journal

Published in ‘診療と新薬’ (Clinical Treatment and New Drugs) , this 4-week study highlights QuSome Lift’s efficacy in enhancing skin features.

As powerful as they may be, ingredients don’t do much aside from leave a temporary glow unless they are able to be absorbed deep into the dermal skin layers. This is exactly why patented QuSome® technology is essential for maintaining long-lasting results


Skin absorption demonstration using “cultured” skin* showing fluorochrome encapsulated QuSome lotion vs a non-QuSome fluorochrome lotion 6 hours after application.

*Cultured skin is a synthetic skin product used in non-animal testing facilities that mimics real skin for testing purposes. 

Transdermal Absorption Comparative Test: Cross sectional photograph of cultured skin 6 hours after Fluorochrome lotion was applied.
Test number: NDR-CO-14111201KD (Test conducted by Nicoderm Research, KK.)

Laugh lines

“Laugh Lines Gone!”
“As my laugh lines grew longer and my face looked older, I tried b.glen’s firming care, following Dermatherapist Yuko’s video and daily QuSome Lift massages. After 6 months, my facial contour slimmed, and laugh lines faded. 😊
– Mary K., 57, Austin, TX” 👩‍🦳

Turkey Neck

“When my grandchild noticed neck wrinkles, it was a wakeup call. Seeking advice from b.glen’s Sunny, I adopted Toner, QuSome Lift, and Rich Cream, along with a gentle neck massage. The results have been astonishing! My neck feels firmer, and the unforgiving signs of aging have softened. I’m now taking on aging with confidence!”
– Yumiko M., 69, Gardena, CA 👵🌟

Face Line

“Slimmer Contour in 2 Months!”
“After turning 35, I noticed my facial contours losing their definition, making me camera-shy in group photos. I tried b.glen’s contour-enhancing care, which was making waves online. Even for a lazy person like me, the enjoyable massages with QuSome Lift were easy to maintain.In just two months, I’ve received compliments on my slimmer face!”
– Eriko S., 36, Tokyo, Japan 📸🌟 

Q: Can it be used on sensitive skin?

A: Yes, it can be used. However, since everyone’s skin is different, we recommend starting with a small amount. If you are concerned, please perform a patch test on the inside of your arm before using it extensively.

Q: What should I do if the product doesn’t suit my skin?

A: It’s possible that adjusting the usage procedure or the amount used can improve the situation. Please contact customer support for assistance.

Q: Is it ineffective if I don’t massage it into my skin?

A: The product is effective even if simply applied. However, massaging it into your skin can promote blood circulation, enhancing its effects.

Q: Can it be used around the eyes?

A: Yes, it can be used. Please be careful not to get it into your eyes.

Q: Will my skin improve just with the 7-day starter kit?

A: The starter kit is designed to test whether the product suits your skin before beginning a full-scale care regimen. Therefore, it might be difficult to fundamentally improve skin concerns in just 7 days. However, you might notice differences in skin firmness, moisture, and brightness. Continuing skincare with full-size products thereafter can lead to improvements in skin concerns.

Q: Is there a shipping fee?

A: The starter kit ships for free within the US. For international shipments, the fee is $20 for Canada and $40 for other countries.

Q: What should I do if I feel the product doesn’t suit my skin?

A: We offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. Please contact customer service if you have concerns. Be sure to keep the container and outer box.