Whoever said one-size-fits-all, sure didn’t know many people.

Being 25 now, I have faced issues with my skin since looooong before I can remember even making sense of skincare. From texture irregularities, to huge, painful, red pimples, my skin has seen it all, done it all. These struggles have had a significant impact not only on my confidence, but on my family and friends. Since I was 16, I began begging my mom to buy me..this and that to try and self-remedy my skin issues. And when I turned 21, I desired to start seeing a specialist for peels, facials, and laser therapy. Working part-time as a student, I didn’t have these financial means for my own. Unfortunately, this was a burden for my mom financially, and caused a lot of tension between us. I saw friends rarely, as going out and having fun was completely unappealing with loads of large, sore spots covering the entirety of my face.

Here is my skin exactly one year ago:

It hurts to look back at photos like this, and to see all of those impurities. It’s almost as if I could still feel them. I was using a cream suggested by the specialist I was seeing at that time, and it seemed to do nothing but dehydrate and make my spots even angrier. 

In March 2020, I was at my wits end. The timing of everything going on in the world was perfect, as I had worse skin than ever before, and simply wanted to hide. I went to the grocery store one Saturday morning, and heard two girls around my age talking at the end of an aisle. 

“No, like legit.” 

As every sentence starts. 

“I’ve purchased 3 of them now, and everything has just cleared up effortlessly.” 

“I’m still kind-of eating terribly, but I can work on that over time ha-ha”. 

I started listening more intensely.

 “Wait, what is it called?” “b.glen. They’re a Japanese-American brand, and they have the Acne Care Trial Set for you to try it first. It’s $20.”

Hmm. I thought to myself, 

“Japanese women have gorgeous skin, and $20?! Is it worth another try?” 

When I came home, I began researching the brand. If this was going to be just another J-Beauty/K-Beauty trend, I don’t think I was going to be interested. Fortunately, b.glen impressed me with a very professional feel, and a patented technology they call “QuSomes”, which enhance product penetration and efficacy.

Using my own money this go-around, I decided to try the 7-Day Acne Care Trial Set. Again, when you have nothing to lose, anything is worth a go. The Trial Set arrived in just 3 days (WITH free shipping, mind you), and I moved all of my other products to the side, forcing myself to commit to just one brand for the week.

The b.glen Acne Care Trial Set comes with their Clay Wash cleanser, Clay Lotion lightweight hydration toner, C Serum brightening serum, and QuSome Moisture Gel Cream, a collagen-enhanced light-texture moisturizer. Perfect, an entire routine in one easy-to-use package.

I layered the skincare on, and virtually fell asleep right afterwards, exhausted from a long Monday. When I woke up on Tuesday, OH..MY..GOODNESS. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. The size of my spots nearly shrunk in half, and were a very light pink color, as opposed to the deep, angry red they have been for years before. I still use all of these products in their full-sized amount today, so I can’t really describe which has made the greatest difference, but I would assume it could be the combination of all of them. 

In just one year on this one strict routine, my skin has cleared completely, besides 1-2 occasional spots around that time. I feel amazing knowing I can hop on a Zoom call, and not feel like I have to hide certain areas of my face with a sleeve, or with makeup. Here’s a snapshot of my skin from last night:

These products have made my skin feel better OVERALL, not just with all of the pimples. My skin feels plump, hydrated, squeaky-clean WITHOUT feeling stripped… and most importantly, I’ve gained my confidence back. Having a face full of pimples since the age of 14, I really didn’t think clarity was something that was possible for me. 

It took a tiny bit of faith, and $20 to make that difference that would change my entire life from that day forward. While everyone’s skin might be different, I urge you to try b.glen’s Trial Sets if you have any skin concerns. They have 6 to choose from, depending on the issues you are facing. And shipping is free on the purchase of Trial Sets (and for orders over $80), for anyone who lives in the U.S. 

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* This information does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. Always consult your doctor before changing your usual medical treatment.