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Gently whitens years worth of stains. Anytime. Anywhere.

Removes stains damage-free and protects teeth from future staining.

Exclusive Whitening Technology: Polyrism

x 0.5 micron Microfiber Sponge: Carefully designed for use on teeth.

New Whitening Technique from the U.S


0.5 micron
Microfiber Sponge

Developed Specifically for Teeth

Our exclusive whitening technology, Polyrism, is saturated into medical-grade microfiber sponges, suited for all uneven areas of the tooth’s surface. Stains are gently removed, and a thin protective veil coats the teeth to protect from future staining.

Ingredients Spotlight

Scientifically-Selected Skin Saviors

Sodium Polyphosphate

Safely removes stains, and protects from tooth decay with mild antibacterial properties.

User Reviews

Real People, Real Voices, Real Results

Dental Care


My teeth are naturally white so I didn’t notice any changes, but when I let my husband (who smokes) use it, his teeth became much whiter. If you have naturally white teeth, you should think of it as a maintenance product. I think it’s effective for those who have a lot of discoloration.
 [ Natsu / Housewife ]

A little whiter


I used it for the first time when it was included as a gift with some product I bought before, and I was really surprised that my teeth became a little whiter. I was so impressed when I didn’t have much expectations from it. I immediately bought a few bottles. It’s not as effective as dental whitening or home whitening, but I think it’s effective for daily surface stains and simple stain removals. The mint taste is refreshing and I like it.
[ Yu / Marketer ]

It makes the surface of my teeth smooth.


It doesn’t whiten my teeth right away, but when I use it, the surface of my teeth becomes smooth. When I use it along the grooves of my teeth, I can see that the stains in the grooves are lifted.
[ Pua ]



I use it with the dental toothpaste. I’m a heavy smoker, but I don’t mind the stains on my teeth. But I love this product so much that I recommended it to my friends.
[ Mami ]



It removes teeth stains effectively, leaving them smooth and shiny. I’ve started to enjoy practicing my smile in front of the mirror! It works well when used in conjunction with toothpaste.
[ Female / 50s ]

Savior Before Events


I regularly use b.glen dental toothpaste, and I use this dental cleaner before events or on important occasions. It helps reduce the yellowing of my teeth and acts like a savior for them. It also helps maintain the smoothness of teeth after dental check-ups!
[ Female / 30s ]

Tooth Cleaner

Individually-wrapped, medical-grade sponges conveniently fit in your pocket or purse for an instantly brighter smile on the go. No water needed!

  • Delicately reach into any uneven surfaces to clean the tooth’s surface without harming sensitive areas.

  • Utiilizes new whitening technology “Polyrism” to provide anti-bacterial protection against gum disease and cavities as well as lifting away stains.

* Shipping and handling fees apply