The Results Are Clear: This Brands Vitamin C Serum Will Make You Rethink Your Routine.

By now, we all should have Vitamin C in our skincare routine.

However, Vitamin C serums are most often available in an orange or yellow hue. This is because when the C Esters are exposed to air, they will oxidize and change color. Typically, the serums are initially clear, and will turn yellow, orange, or even molasses-brown somewhere during the process.

L-ascorbic acid (pure Vitamin C) serums should last around 3-6 months before showing any signs of discoloration.

Why is My Vitamin C Serum Orange?

Left: Oxidized Vitamin C serum from another popular brand. 
Right: b.glen pure Vitamin C, “C Serum”

Vitamin C is derived from citrus fruits, so it makes sense that it would turn yellow, right? In reality, Vitamin C dissolved in water is perfectly clear! An orange-tinted serum actually means that the main ingredient has expired, and won’t make lasting changes on your skin!

Will Using A Dark-Orange Vitamin C Serum Damage Your Skin?

Raiding your skincare cabinet, and tossing away all seemingly-useless products sounds heartbreaking. BUT although using an orange serum won’t damage your skin, it could semi-permanently stain it! 

b.glen Chief Scientific Officer, and Pharmacologist, Dr. Keller describes the science as such, 

“We ran a test on a 5% vitamin C cream and measured the vitamin C concentration over time. At start, the concentration was 5%, and after 30 days, the concentration was a loss of 25%.”
“6 months later, total loss was greater than 65%.”

The Hard Truth: No matter how strong in concentration your Vitamin C is, the product is useless unless it penetrates deep into the skin.

Dr. Keller also notes,

“Remember, vitamin C is a water-soluble and charged molecule, it is repelled by the physical barrier of the epidermal cells. It is only when pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is used, that penetration may occur.”  A great deal of products use “ascorbic acid derivatives” for the purpose of topical application. But such derivatives need to ensure stabilization of the molecule from oxidation and also overcome the significant challenge of skin penetration.”

Current beauty pseudo-science focuses on insanely high concentrations of Vitamin C, with Zero indication of a delivery technology for the product to produce results.

How to Shop for an Effective Vitamin C.

C Serum broke the mold (literally) with a crystal clear formula that shows instant results. Dr. Brian Keller describes his careful technique as,

“b.glen vitamin C serum is in a non-aqueous (water-free) formula. We pioneered this. I first formulated this product without water to stop the yellowing (the oxidation which is very common in creams, lotions, gels that have a water base, and to maintain the pure Vitamin C at its strongest level.) I also formulated the product at a pH of 3.8 for maximum efficacy and stability and in addition encapsulated it into QuSomes. It really is the ultimate Vitamin C formula.”

QuSome Technology, pioneered by Dr. Keller, actually delivers the ingredients of your skincare deep into the skin, making the product 5-10x more effective than the competition*. Dr. Keller further explains,

“Our studies show that encapsulation into a QuSome assists in the transport to lower layers of the epidermis and result in increased skin concentrations.”

Is b.glen C Serum Worth the Buy?

100% pure Vitamin C has been scientifically-proven to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and damage caused by oxidative stress.

The downside to traditional Vitamin C serums is their high-risk for instability, which is the number one reason why I have loved using b.glen’s C Serum. So if you ask me, investing into one serum, which you may use both A.M. and P.M., is well worth the spending.
I have also been able to physically feel the difference with using b.glen C Serum. Immediately after applying the product, my skin feels slightly warm, which is the reaction between the L-ascorbic acid and natural pH of your skin. I noticed results after only 2 weeks of use, which has been revolutionary for my skin, as most products require at least one month of consistent use before you’ll notice even the slightest improvement!

How Often Should You Use b.glen’s C Serum?

C Serum certainly is powerful, however, it’s gentle enough for any skin type, and is safe to use each day. For extremely sensitive skin, C Serum is gentle enough for you, too! My skin always reacts to new skincare products, but with consistent morning and evening use, C Serum has worked wonders for me. Make sure you complete your skincare routine with a good moisturizer (I have been using b.glen QuSome Moisture Gel Cream as well. It is lightweight, oil-free, and contains Hydrolyzed Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid). A final bonus for anyone on-the-fence about C Serum: It’s almost half of the price of most Vitamin C serums! In the U.S., C Serum is priced at $49 for 0.51 fl. oz. A little bit goes a LONG way– so don’t worry about proper dosage. A dime-sized amount should do the trick!

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* This information does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. Always consult your doctor before changing your usual medical treatment.