The Busy Man’s Simple Guide to Flaw-Free Skin.

I’ve battled oily, dull skin my entire life.
b.glen skincare has made all the difference.

(Before b.glen)

Ever since I can remember, my skin has been a very confusing creature.

On one hand, I’ve been very oily since my teenage years. I had massive amounts of acne on my face that led to both surface-layer and deep scarring.

On the other hand, however, products I would use to absorb oil would dry my skin out completely, to a point where it would cause my skin to be excessively dry and I would develop roughness and lines. Because of this, it was a balancing act to finding something that would work.

But above all, I needed something simple and free of fluff. Cute girlfriend. And thank you, b.glen.

(After only 2 months of consistent use)

Before using b.glen products, my routine was to wash my face every night with a strong antibiotic cleanser that would remove bacteria and oil from my skin. However, this was ultimately too strong of a product for my skin, which I recognize now. Beyond that, I used no moisturizer or toners whatsoever.

At first, I enjoyed an easy routine that could be complete in seconds. After all, I don’t need to be featured on GQ’s Skin Edit for men.

My girlfriend and I both use b.glen, and it really has changed everything, especially how much more confidence I have in showing my face wherever I go. What is interesting to me, is b.glen uses a scientific “technology” called QuSome, with slowly releases the ingredients, pulling them into the deeper levels of the skin. Where they… actually have the chance to work.

I would rank my experience a 10/10 throughout the past year. I never imagined that I could find such drastic results, with such a simple night routine.

There are moments after a workout session where I feel like my skin will detox itself through sweating, and remove dirt and toxins from pores, but this would not equate to overall healthy looking skin. However, after having used b.glen’s products, I see a massive difference. And I’m not the only one. My girlfriend also been very fond 😁 of my clean-shaven, smooth skin, something she wasn’t so gitty about before. She says that my skin is softer than hers even, haha!

I think my favorite would have to be the Clay Wash and the QuSome Lotion.

The Clay Wash is not only fun to apply, but it also very gently removes all the dirt from my face and neck. In a way, I’ve begun to visualize this process as washing away all of the grime I’ve accumulated throughout the day, left to feel clean, stress-free, calm, and happy.

QuSome Lotion is another very interesting and easy to use product. I apply QuSome Lotion immediately after using the Clay Wash to my dried skin, which simultaneously tones and moisturizes. b.glen claims the Lotion “hydrates for up to 17 hours”, and I can definitely attest! My skin feels EXPENSIVE 😂. But in all seriousness, it’s much softer, and the texture has totally changed from “leathery” (the best way I’ve seen described) to plump and bright.

(Bro-Glow: A New Wave?)

If I could change anything at all, I would wish b.glen could provide an instruction pamphlet for how to properly use the products — I know I am a total skincare newbie, but I’m sure there are other customers, including men such as myself, who will have never used one of these products before. Step-by-step instructions are available on b.glen USA’s website, however.. Walking them through this process for the first few uses would make a task that initially feels, well, painful, as gent-pampering as it does now!

I recommend starting with b.glen’s Blackhead/Pore Care Trial Set first any guy out there struggling with oily skin. You’ll be amazed for what great skin can do for your confidence!

Dylan. W

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