Skin Troubles in the Pollen Season

Spring Unleashed: Navigating the Season of Sneezes for Hay Fever Sufferers

People with hay fever, and even those without, can experience sudden skin irritation or sensitive skin during this season. As a result, the cosmetics they have been using may no longer suit their skin. Have you ever experienced this?

b.glen refers to this as “skin pollen allergy.” In this feature, skincare consultant Hisae Matsunari, who has suffered from sensitive skin and tried various care methods, will introduce measures against skin pollen allergy.

What is Skin Pollen Allergy?

“Skin pollen allergy” refers to skin irritation caused by pollen and dust entering the skin’s outer layer, particularly common in early spring.

If you relate to more than 2 items, your skin's barrier function may be compromised. This can lead to various skin problems such as wrinkles, spots, sagging, and inflammation. Start building resilience against skin pollen allergy now.

STEP1 Remove the Irritants

For skin sensitive due to skin pollen allergy, clay cleansing is better than foam cleansing. Montmorillonite, a natural clay, is ideal for gently removing irritants. 

This clay, with its ultra-fine hexagonal crystals stacked together, can adsorb dirt while maintaining moisture.
Clay Wash, containing montmorillonite, removes pollen and dust that cause irritation, gently cleansing your skin. Please also use it on areas of concern such as the décolleté.

STEP2 Reduce Inflammatation

It is crucial to provide extra moisture to skin affected by skin pollen allergy and reduce inflammation.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate, a medicinal ingredient in Clay Lotion, suppresses inflammation and itching.
Also, the natural clay forms a film on the skin surface, maintaining moisture and enhancing the skin’s barrier function, protecting it from irritants like pollen and dust.

STEP3 Prevent Contact with Irritants

When going outside, protect your skin from irritants like pollen and UV rays.
If the skin’s surface is sticky, pollen and dust can adhere to the skin.

Nudy Veil has a stretch veil structure that adheres mesh-like to the skin, maintaining a non-sticky, dry feel for a long time, making it difficult for pollen and dust to stick to the skin’s surface.

One Point Advice from Skincare Consultant
Special Care for Weakened Skin

Skin damaged by external stimuli has a weakened foundation and cannot exert its inherent strength. Even if you continue with your usual care for issues like spots and wrinkles in this state, you might not see the desired results. First, focus on healing the skin itself to restore it to a healthy condition.

Clay Lotion, with its anti-inflammatory properties and mild feel, is perfect for weakened skin. It gently cares for damaged skin. Once the skin’s condition is stabilized, return to your normal routine using QuSome Lotion and, as needed, incorporate special treatments like creams and serums.

Lifestyle to Defeat Skin Pollen Allergy

Just like sun protection, it is important to tackle skin pollen allergy from both inside and outside the body. Please consider the following in your daily life.

Consume Amino Acids

Intake of amino acids is effective in building resilience against irritants like pollen. It is recommended to limit high-calorie meats and eggs and opt for nuts and grains instead.
Also, enhance your skin’s strength with Inner Amino Beauty, which contains a balanced mix of 19 amino acids.

Consume Vitamin C

It is said that the removal of reactive oxygen species by antioxidants is effective against hay fever.
Incorporate a wide range of fruits and green and yellow vegetables, such as lemons and strawberries, which contain a lot of vitamin C, known to eliminate reactive oxygen species.

Wash Your Face Immediately After Returning Home

Your skin is coated with a lot of pollen and dust after being exposed to the outside air. Wash your face as soon as possible after returning from outside.
Considering pollen and dust can also be on your clothes and hair, it is advisable to take a shower or bath and change into clean clothes.

Let's Build Strong Skin Together

I used to think, “Why is my skin so rough?” or “Maybe it’s because I have sensitive skin…” and that it was just something I had to deal with.

However, now I realize that by simply practicing skincare suited to the season, I can prevent problems. Would you like to start building skin that can withstand skin pollen allergies with b.glen?