Female Surfer’s’ Secret to Fix Sun Damage.

As the weather warms up, saltwater seekers and adventurers alike gear-up for a season under the sun.

Many pro surfers manage to maintain luminous, even-toned skin so well, one might believe they have a secret modeling side-hustle. As much as we love the beautiful outdoors, it’s crucial to understand that when it comes to our skin, the sun is one of our greatest rivals. So, is it really enough to slather on a thick layer of SPF and hope for the best? The truth of the matter is, the real solution is just not that simple.

If you spend some time researching skincare, you’re bound to come to understand that SPF is useful to block harmful UV rays, and Vitamin C creams/serums will slowly fade dark spots and discoloration. However, many women will report that using these products, even on a consistent daily basis, just isn’t enough to maintain beautiful skin.

So then, how do the pros maintain the health and beauty of their skin?

We asked 21 year old pro surfer Meah Collins, who has spent the majority of her life soaking-up sun and coasting saltwater. Due to her busy schedule, Meah prefers to keep her skincare routine simple, but is incredibly diligent when it comes to protecting her skin from the sun. Newer generations of outdoor athletes are much more savvy about sun protection than many of their formers. 

“I’m meticulous when it comes to protecting my skin, and keeping its appearance bright,” Meah says.

“I’m not going to give up my love for surf and sun, but I certainly want to steer clear of dark spots, wrinkles, and UV damage too.” Here is Meah Collins top-pick for sun-protection, and why she swears by this product to keep her skin healthy and youthful.

“b.glen’s C Serum Sets the Bar High…”

For her face, Meah uses b.glen C Serum after cleansing and prior to applying her SPF. Despite her golden, sun-kissed skin, Meah has managed to keep her face even-toned, and protected from dangerous UV rays. “It’s so difficult to find a Vitamin C product that will actually produce results for someone who spends so much time under the sun. I’ve been consistently using b.glen’s C Serum for almost 9 months now, and most of the old brown patches have fully faded.”

But there are thousands of Vitamin C serums, ranging from below $50, and trending towards triple digits, so why would C Serum make the cut for Meah?

Dr. Brian Keller, b.glen Chief Scientific Officer, and founder of QuSome®, explains C Serum as “Microneedling meets a Brightening Peel, gentle enough for sensitive skin.”

C Serum, a completely clear, 100% pure Vitamin C solution, is enveloped by microscopic QuSomes, which act as secure transports to the deepest layers of your skin. Unlike most traditional Vitamin C’s (even medical-grade), b.glen C Serum does not have a yellowish-orange tint.

“I knew that if I were to formulate an intense brightening serum, it would have to far-surpass anything that’s ever been launched before”, says Dr. Keller. “I’m a California native, and I love surfing with the family whenever I get the chance to… it took me years to get this formula exactly how I needed it. And it still gives me goosebumps when I hear peoples feedback– how it’s done more for their hyperpigmentation than $1,000 skin treatments–words can’t describe the feeling this brings to me.”

Inside Look at QuSomes®.

Ready for some truth?

Most of your favorite (and pricey) beauty products aren’t actually treating your skin at the source.


But why? Well, for starters, your skin, whether it is dry, oily or somewhere in between, it covered in a moderate layer of oil. And most beauty products are solely water-soluble. Meaning, your skin cannot fully absorb them. One of our most-loved features of QuSomes is their dual-absorption. QuSomes have the ability to penetrate through both water and sebaceous (oil) surfaces, without irritating sensitive or inflamed skin types.

Furthermore, QuSomes have time-release properties, slowly releasing pure Vitamin C into the skin throughout the day. For Meah, and anyone else spending time outdoors, this means your skin receives antioxidants to combat sun damage before it has the chance to develop.

And perhaps the most important feature of all, QuSomes are multi-layered, with a structure resembling;

Lipid layer, Ingredient layer, Lipid layer, Ingredient layer, and so on. This allows the pure Vitamin C to treat years of sun damage, from the deepest layers of the skin, to the surface.

Pre-Sun Protocol:

Dr. Keller recommends applying a dime-sized amount of b.glen C Serum into the palm of your hand, and gently patting onto cleansed, slightly-damp skin.

“A little bit goes a long way with C Serum, and more isn’t always merrier. Consistency is key, and most people will start to see significant results after two weeks of use.”

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Get to Know Pro-Surfer, Meah Collins.