Brightening Care


* Survey results from women over the age of 30 using the trial set.
95% said they were satisfied with the product usage.

b.glen Brightening Care

Standard cosmetic technology

generally is not strong enough

for brightening.

Pharmacologist and b.glen CSO,

Dr. Brian Keller pioneered QuSome®︎

permeation technology in b.glen products.

developed by Dr. Brian Keller


Purifies pores with natural clay and a gentle, non-foaming solution.


Attracts and absorbs dirt and old keratin cells with natural earth clay, Montmorillonite. Won’t dry the skin, and infuses with lightweight hydration.

Enhanced with 2 types of clinical Vitamin C derivatives to brighten and illuminate.


Conditions the Straum Corneum and penetrates every pore. Enhances entire skincare routine by encapsulating ingredients. This regime regulates cell turnover, and prevents storage of excess melanin.

Pure, concentrated Vitamin C prevents the progression of skin trouble.


Formulated with a high concentration (7.5%) of pure vitamin C with high haste.
Prevents new skin troubles by adjusting the skin condition and blocking the occurrence of troubles.

Clinical Strength Brightening feat QuSome®-Encapsulated Arbutin.


Smooth, brighten and soothe with a 7-day supply of our ultra potent brightening formula.

Conditions and purifies.

Improves elasticity with a rich, emollient formula that does not leave skin feeling sticky.

① Envelopes ingredients into a capsule 1/500 the size of a human hair.

② QuSome®︎ capsules penetrate deep into the skin.

③ Penetrates into the Stratum Corneum to directly target skin issues.

– Penetrates deep into the stratum corneum
– Stabilized for efficacy
– Stays and works through time
– Sensitive skin-friendly

– Do not penetrate deep enough
– The properties of the ingredients change.
– Effects cannot last through time
– Easily may irritate skin.


Standard cosmetic technology generally is not strong enough for brightening. Pharmacologist and b.glen CSO, Dr. Brian Keller pioneered QuSome® permeation technology in b.glen products.

Skin absorption demonstration using “cultured” skin* showing fluorochrome encapsulated QuSome lotion vs a non-QuSome fluorochrome lotion 6 hours after application.

*Cultured skin is a synthetic skin product used in non-animal testing facilities that mimics real skin for testing purposes.

The day that I gave birth, I didn’t have time to look at my own face, and I was surprised to see my face in a casual photo.

My skin was dull all over, and my cheeks were noticeably inflamed.

I have tried various beauty treatments for beautiful skin, but all of them were only temporary measures, and I was worried that they were not very effective.

This is the first cosmetic product that made me feel like, “This is great!”

Although I had past beauty treatments for all sorts of skin problems, it seemed that my skin was having a hard time resurfacing, and I was worried that there would be no long-term solutions for me.

You will lose the glow that you had when you were young, and you will feel your age on your dull skin.

b.glen has the strength to deliver advanced beauty ingredients, and my motivation is increasing day by day!

When the skin becomes beautiful, it becomes fun to apply makeup, and it seems that you can have confidence for close-up photography.

As an actress, I always pay attention to my skin condition so that I can respond to shootings and auditions.

As I got older, I was worried about dullness and couldn’t do without concealer.

When I met b.glen through a make-up artist, I was impressed by the evolution of skin care products, which became glossy as if reflecting light!

I’m happy that the joy of checking my skin by looking in the mirror and touching it with my hands has returned.

b.glen’s Brightening Care is Recommended for those who:

Why start with a Trial Set?

- 7 day Trial Set -

7-day, complete skincare routine for A.M and P.M allows you skin to adjust to the active ingredients, and gauge how your long-term results will look and feel.

- Full size products -

If you have enjoyed your Trial Set results, kick your glow up a notch with intensive,
clinical-grade products to make lasting changes to your skin.


A: If you are not satisfied with b.glen products for any reason, please contact our Customer Service directly within 365 days of the purchase date, and you receive a full refunded. However, this is valid only once for each product.

A: For trial set, shipping is free of charge within the US. (There are shipping fees outside of the US). It may depend on your location, but it tends to take 3-7 business days via ground shipment.

A: Well, our Qusome PowerBright may be used during the day as well as the night, so we would highly recommend repeating both morning and night time routine on a daily basis which can bring optimal and faster results.

A: No, currently b.glen’s 7days trial sets are available only through b.glen’s official website.
As our online store has free shipping + 365 days money back guarantee, we are trying our best to make your online shipping as convenient as shopping at a physical stores as well.

b.glen was born out of a single housewife's dresser.

The origin of b.glen Skincare:

◆ Cosmetics my wife has used.

Twenty-three years ago, b.glen co-founder and CSO, Dr. Brian Keller, was immersed in research while teaching as a professor at the University of California

At the time, cosmetics were not the subject of his research.

“When I saw my wife worrying too much about the signs of aging around her eyes and mouth, and spending long hours in the morning and evening taking care of her skin, I wondered what kind of cosmetics she was using. I wondered if it was something I had knowledge of.”

One night, when he picked up some of the lotions and creams his wife was using and looked at the ingredients list on the labels, he immediately realized something.

These ingredients are not adequately bioavailable, and won’t penetrate deep enough into the skin to make the changes his wife is longing for.

Maybe it doesn’t make much sense to use it.

When his wife heard this, she felt like she had been denied her long-term self-care, and became frustrated.

“That’s not true! My skin feels moisturized the next morning after I put it on, and when I forget to put it on, I worry about early aging.”

In fact, the cosmetics she used contained many ingredients that are said to be effective for the skin, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. However, most of the ingredients are compatible with water but not with oil. Since the skin is comprised of both, it is easy to predict their downfall.

◆ Prototype using penetration technology

The next day in his own laboratory, he created a serum-like product containing vitamin C using the permeation technology he was working on (QuSome®). He brought it home, and asked his wife to try it for a week.

When she saw the liquid in the brown medicine bottle, she looked puzzled and said,

“Is it really safe to put something like this on my face?”

◆ Success of b.glen's first vitamin C serum

“The next morning, my wife couldn’t control her smile while she was looking in the mirror, I knew that my first trial product was a success.”

The first time she used it, she complained that she didn’t like the smell, but the results were difficult to argue with.

Her friend had even asked if she had any special facial treatments done since that day.

C Serum was born, the first Vitamin C serum b.glen had launched

◆ Delivers ingredients to the root of skin troubles

Continuing his journey Dr. Keller continued to create a series of creams and emulsions for his wife, using his QuSome technology with ingredients that were effective in reducing dryness and enhancing firmness.

Three years later, the parent company of Beverly Glen was founded. Even today, b.glen’s primary ethos remains exactly the same.

  • Ingredients that benefit the skin
  • Ingredients that benefit the skin
  • Delivers to the source of skin trouble.

That’s all there is to it.

“It is difficult to to formulate highly-penetrative cosmetic ingredients.”

This is a big problem common to many brands and their formuating teams..
This is because if any ingredient does not penetrate, it cannot exert its effect to the fullest degree.

QuSome® is a permeation technology invented for medical purposes that makes it possible to accurately deliver actives deep into the skin.

b.glen’s skin care products are developed using QuSome®, an osmosis technology that has been used in pharmaceuticals.

If you have used b.glen, people around you may be surprised by the change in your skin and may ask, “What did you do?