Scalp and Hair DK Essence: Creating a healthier scalp enviroment to promote the production of healthier hair. All while preventing thinning and breakage. Plus our newly released Quick Growth Supplement that assists hormonal balance in women, which is the major cause of hair thinning for women over 40.

Treatment Serum for a Healthier Scalp, Promotes Length, and Prevents Breakage. Prepares the scalp environment and stimulates follicles to promote beautiful and healthy hair.

Semburi extract and Garlic extract that promote blood circulation.

Ginseng extract that promotes hair growth.

Rosemary extract, which has been proven to have the same efficacy as minoxidil, which is known for its hair growth effect.

Dr Keller’s Quick Growth Supplement developed and designed with a focus on changes in hair and skin due to decreased female hormones.

Soy Isoflavone Aglycon, an ingredient known to supplement female hormones.

Loquat leaf extract, which focuses on the life stage of hair, it leads to a lively and healthy condition.

Taurine, which helps promote blood circulation and deliver nutrients to thin and weakened hair. *Plus 21 kinds of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are necessary for hair growth but difficult to be absorbed from food.


Dr. Keller’s Hair Growth Set

Received lots of happy voices from the customers used to concern their thinner hair.

I was sceptical at first but after using I noticed less hair in the drain in the shower. My hair feels much stronger and fuller than before. It’s only been 3 month and I’m starting to get new hair!

My thinning hair was due to stress. I didn’t see much difference until I started to take the supplement and apply the essence. I can’t believe it! I started to get new baby hairs in the front! As a hairstylist, my hair is very important to me. Seriously, this amazed me.


Dr. Keller’s Hair Growth Set