Don’t Waste Any More Money on Brightening Skincare.


How much money have you spent on products promising to diminish sun spots and give you a permanent,  youthful glow?

There are countless skincare products on today’s market that are said to effectively eliminate dark spots and uneven tone that appear with age, but why is it difficult to find a product that lives up to its hype?

After all, I myself often hear that dark spots will appear in the same place once again in a few years, although I will spend thousands of dollars on laser treatments because I cannot find the results I am hoping for from cosmetics alone.

Truth be told, I just haven’t found a brightening care product or system that is really effective.


So what really defines “effective brightening care?

I often hear the phrase “latest ingredients that are effective for brightening”, and there are many cosmetics that contain a high amount of brightening ingredients. It must be known that there is a deeper reason why you still can’t feel or see the effects. The fact is that most brightening ingredients are water-soluble and do not penetrate sebum-covered skin. And all of our skin types, even the driest are covered in sebum.

No matter how the latest ingredients or cosmetics with perfect potency promise their results, they were only placed on top the skin, and did not reach the required depth of the skin, so it was difficult to feel the effects of conventional cosmetics. Until recently…


Penetration Technology is The One True Solution.

I spoke with Dr. Brian Keller, Chief Scientific Officer of Beverly Glen Laboratories, who continued his research at the University of California, San Francisco, as an authority on “Drug Delivery System(s).”Later, he succeeded in developing a unique penetration technology called QuSome, which is used to deliver the drug directly from the surface of the skin to the root of the issue, mainly concerning the treatment of skin cancers.

By applying this technology not only to pharmaceutical products but also to cosmetics, [Dr. Keller] succeeded in formulating permeating beauty ingredients, which has been a long-standing issue since products first hit the market.


Transdermal Absorption Comparative Test: Cross sectional photograph of cultured skin 6 hours after Fluorochrome lotion was applied.
Test number: NDR-CO-14111201KD(Test conducted by Nicoderm Research, KK.)


QuSome, a unique penetration technology developed by Dr. Keller, is similar in scientific structure to our skins’ sebum layer. QuSome wraps multiple layers of beauty ingredients into its molecule to slowly release the ingredients deep into the skin, slipping through the sebum film. It has a brightening effect that cannot be felt with ordinary cosmetics.



In addition, QuSome also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it will penetrate into sensitive skin and skin types that are prone to inflammation/acne without irritation. QuSome also has enhanced sustainability, requiring just the minimum amount of concentration for beauty ingredients to be sufficient, which also reduces the burden on the skin.


The Only Cosmetic Product Using Dr. Keller’s Technology “QuSome”

To evolve QuSome technology further,  Dr. Keller, focused on Japanese culture and scientific approaches. Being “Made in Japan” is now synonymous with high quality, and cosmetics are no exception to this philosophy.. Dr. Keller is particular about manufacturing in Japan not only to stabilize QuSome itself but also to enhance its absorbency and effects. Now, the world’s only cosmetics brand “b.glen” using QuSome technology has been born.

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Cosmetics Tailored to Individualized Skin Concerns.

How far can cosmetics reach in order to solve skin issues? This is the overall theme of the b.glen brand. Most people understand that significant skin issues can be resolved with medicines and cosmetic surgery, but daily skin care alone can solve many of them, with the right products, as Dr. Brian Keller denotes.



Clay Wash

The start of any quality brightening care routine begins with cleansing your face. Excessive abrasion  due to the irritating foaming washes can lead to scarring and uneven tone. b.glen adopts “adsorption face wash” methods that use the ionic exchange characteristics of a special clay called Montmorillonite. No lathering is required, so just apply the product directly to the skin and massage to remove dirt and moisturize.

QuSome Lotion

It is common within Asian beauty philosophies (ex. Japan and South Korea) to use toning lotions after cleansing your face. Based on the concept of layering, instantly moisturizing and replenishing bare skin after washing is not only to prevent dryness, but also to secure a path for the subsequent serum and cream to penetrate effectively. This contributes to improving the effect of your regimen as a whole. What’s more, QuSome Lotion is a next-generation toner lotion that has been proven to retain its’ humectant (moisturizing effect) for over 17 hours in clinical tests.

C Serum

Everyone knows the brightening power of Vitamin C, but unfortunately Vitamin C is chemically highly unstable. b.glen managed to stabilize Pure Vitamin C, which is quite difficult to do with prescription products. Most Vitamin C normally becomes yellow or brown when exposed to air and oxidizes, but when wrapped in QuSome technology + and a special airtight container is used to keep product fresh and transparent indefinitely. Therefore, Pure Vitamin C is delivered to the depths of the skin without being oxidized, which is several times more effective than usual.

QuSome PowerBright

In addition to the brightening effects of Vitamin C, Arbutin (a hydroquinone derivative) can be used during the daytime, and is used to not only eliminate the dark spots that have already formed, but also interrupt and block the formation of future damage.


QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

As the final step, wrap your skin in Rich Cream to seal all beauty ingredients in, and protect your skin from external stressors. Rich Cream is specially designed to deliver a variety of intensely formulated anti-aging ingredients to the basal layer, helping to prevent wrinkles, sagging and dark spots.


Total Brightening Care At A Trial Set Price Point.

For most, is it really worth your time and money to test trending products? Are b.glen products worth your investment? Now, b.glen offers a Trial Set with free shipping and a 365-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured you will find something to truly transform your skin for a lifetime.



Plus, if you sign up for a skincare subscription within 30 days of purchasing a Trial Set, you will receive 100% of your money back from your Trial Set, which makes it ‘virtually free’.
Below you will find first-hand reviews from first-time users of b.glen skincare products.


“Hydrates all-day, so you don’t have to reapply moisturizer throughout the day.PowerBright has worked amazingly well, when applied on top of C Serum. My skin, in just a few weeks, has become much more even-toned. — Meah Collins, Pro Surfer”


“I soon noticed my face was starting to display a more even skin tone. It was also noticeable that my skin was more moisturized, creating a subtle dewy radiance. — Susan Gertner”


b.glen Brightening Care was born in the United States and has created a penetration technology that solves cosmetic problems with quality established and perfectly crafted in Japan.
Now it’s your turn to experience the true transformation.


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 * This information does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. Always consult your doctor before changing your usual medical treatment.