Cosmetology dermatology is also endorsed! Arbutin (hydroquinone derivative)

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Arbutin (hydroquinone derivative), which is currently trending as a medical grade brightening ingredient!

I feel that my skin is becoming more dull year by year.
I’m applying foundation in thicker and thicker layers…
OMG, my dark spots keep getting worse

Yes, as we age, we tend to have more and more insecurities.

Dark spots

Did you know that there are ingredients that help reduce the appearance of such dark spots and make your skin look more radiant?

This ingredient is called….


This ingredient is a derivative of hydroquinone (used in medical settings for intense brightening).

Arbutin is a brightening ingredient that is also endorsed by cosmetological dermatologists as well!

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I was also someone insecure of my ever-increasing age spots
… When I was young, I neglected UV care while tanning my skin at the beach 🤣

But finally, I discovered Arbutin after so much time wasted trying so many brightening cosmetics I used which had no visible effect 👏

Really!? Arbutin is a natural ingredient?

Since Arbutin is a derivative of hydroquinone, I thought it was a high-processed chemical.

Surprisingly, arbutin is a natural ingredient! Although arbutin is a hydroquinone glycoside in which glucose is bound to hydroquinone [* 2], it is known as a component contained in plants of the family Ericaceae that grow naturally in the wilderness and alpine areas of the northern hemisphere called Manzanitas *.

From ancient times, including Europe and North America, the leaves of Manzanitas have been known as crude drugs and tea because of their strong bactericidal and astringent effects.

Recently, it has become popular ingredient in skin brightening cosmetics because it contains arbutin, which is known for its melanin-suppressing effect (inhibiting excessive pigmentation).

Arbutin does not irritate the skin, even in the sunlight

b.glen made it possible to treat dark spots even during the daytime!

Although arbutin is a natural ingredient extracted from plants, it has by far the strongest skin brightening effect among many other skin brightening ingredients, and even compared to vitamin C and kojic Acid, which are more famous for brightening.

It works to suppress the secretion of tyrosinase, which is the cause of the skin substance that forms hyperpigmentation!

Therefore, it is also well known as a natural tyrosinase blocker (a strong function to control the cause of age spots).

And while it has an excellent brightening effect, it is naturally derived, so it does not irritate the skin. Furthermore, it does not irritate the skin as reported by hydroquinone and can be used for daytime and morning care. So, brightening care is possible throughout the day!

Tiny risks….Here is the solution!

However, even this effective active ingredient cannot be effective unless they reach a specific depth of the skin where tyrosinase is actually secreted.

This is because the surface of the skin has the function of repelling water and oil from the outside (so that even if water and oil get on the skin, it is not absorbed), and most cosmetics stay only on the surface of the skin.

Clinical skincare, a hot topic in Japan today, has finally landed on retail shelves in the United States to solve these specific skin concerns!

Yes, b.glen, the true, full-absorption solution is finally available in the US!

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