Yet Gentle on
Sensitive Skin:

This non-foaming cleanser contains naturally-sourced earth clay, Montmorillonite. Clay Wash has been proven to:

Clay Wash (150g/5.29oz.) x1 Made in Japan




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How Does Clay Wash
Improve Your Skin?

1) Montmorillonite delivers encapsulated moisturizing Ingredients into the skin.

 2) Montmorillonite’s Ionic reaction releases moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin.

 3) Extracts and absorbs dirts from the pores like magnet, rinsing them away while not stressing the skin.

By repeating this cleansing routine every day, your skin’s protective moisture barrier will strengthen.

Moisturizing Ingredients

Licorice Root Extract (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate)
Conditions and repairs rough, dry skin.
Plant-Based Squalane
Reduces redness and irritation, locking in essential moisture.
Chamomile Extract
Calms skin and gives a natural, soothing fragrance.
Hyaluronic Acid
Pulls moisture from the environment, keeping skin soft and hydrated.

More Than Just A Cleanser

Real People, Real Voices, Real Results

Clay Wash

Gently dissolve 24 hours of pore-clogging oils, debris, pollution & leftover makeup.

$44.00 Clay Wash (150g/5.29oz.) x1 

Beloved Product
Around the World

Hong Kong
Clay Wash earned the Best Cosmetics of the Year Award 2020 (Best Hit) , the Best Cosmetics of the Year Award 2021 (Face Wash Cleanser) on Asia's top cosmetics platform, @Cosme
b.glen retail store is located in Tangs, Singapore's premier shopping destination. Achieved awards include: Best Beauty Buys 2020 WINNER of Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (Women’s Weekly), BEAUTY & WELLNESS AWARDS 2021 WINNER of Best Skincare, Best Sensitive Care Beauty Insiders’ Choice (Beauty Insider)
Clay Wash won 2nd Place in @Cosme's Best Skincare 2017 in Face Wash category. The item is featured constantly in beauty magazines, department stores across nation.
Wash was featured on NBC LA's fall skincare selections.
b.glen retail stores are located in Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities, including major department stores and DFS at the airports.

b.glen is
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- Proven results by 2.7 million customers worldwide -

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Guaranteed to strengthen, purify and hydrate your skin.

☑ Be safe for use on sensitive skin.
☑ Deeply cleanse pores and remove debris.
☑ Leave skin soft, nourished and dewy.
☑ Repair skins moisture barrier.

$44.00 Clay Wash (150g/5.29oz.) x1