Already tried vitamin C before, but not really worked?

You might think aging care is not for me… yet.

Every morning, you see yourself in the mirror.

Why Vitamin C?

As soon as I put it on, I felt warmth and found that it had penetrated deep into the skin. I was surprised because my skin the next day was so brighten and clear.

I’ve been using various vitamin C serums until now, but pores I’ve been worried about for many years have begun tightening for the first time with this product.

Just add a drop to occasional acne spots, and it will be smaller by the next morning. Acne scars and blemishes fade, becoming brighter and lighter.

Maximum efficiency
Minimum quantity
Exclusive technology

Already tried vitamin C before, but not really worked?

The beauty industry’s rise in popularity of vitamin C is growing bigger and bigger. But most Vitamin C products contain unstable concentrations, which expire quickly, and have difficulty permeating through the dermal layer of skin.

Our exclusive QuSome technology contains encapsulated Vitamin C, with accelerated skin permeability and product efficiency since we launched C Serum as our very first product in 2005.

2M+ Sales in Japan

Real People, Real Voices, Real Results

Finally a Vitamin C Serum with No Irritation or Itchiness!
Vitamin C-based skin care has been popular for a long time, and although it comes from various brands, many of them are quite irritating especially for sensitive skin, but this C serum doesn’t have itching or irritation. After using this, I’ve been having less breakouts, and even if I fall asleep with my makeup on, my skin is less likely to get rough.

I’m not sure what it is about this stuff, but it just feels expensive. It’s not too thick, and doesn’t feel slimy like a peel off mask or seaweed serums I’ve used in the past. You can feel it engulf your face and seep in, after about 10 minutes it’s totally absorbed and the shine from the gloss is gone. It’s my favorite part of the routine.

Restores and Calms Skin
My skin feels tight and dry, C Serum restores hydration and calms my skin down.

Start with a 7-day trial set for just $20.

All Trial Sets include b.glen C serum.