Healthy Skin, My Daily Routine

I believe healthy skin comes from a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and a healthy mind and body. It also helps tremendously to have a good skincare routine.

My go-to products are b.glen’s C serum and QuSome PowerBright for taking care of dark spots and aging gracefully. They’ve featured me on their blog, bglenish! (read here) last year, and I have been using their products for a year and love how they feel on my skin!

Their pure, highly-stabilized C Serum is clear in color, odorless, and immediately sinks into the skin. They use QuSome permeation technology to ensure this product is clinical-grade, and helps with all forms of pigment irregularities.
C Serum is $49.00 USD.

QuSome PowerBright contains a hydroquinone derivative, Arbutin, which is found and sourced naturally. This product is slightly stronger than C Serum, and essential for those who have spent plenty of time under the sun, or who wish to age gracefully.
QuSome PowerBright is $59.00 USD

If you are hopeful to kickstart your own journey towards beautiful skin, but are hesitant, don’t fret! b.glen is currently offering both C Serum and QuSome PowerBright in a 7-Day Trial Set for only $20.

Find their Brightening Trial Set here.

Finally, I am excited to announce that you can get a $10 discount! Please register below for a $10 coupon to receive a Trial Set for only $10!

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Thank You all, and I look forward to seeing your own beautiful results!