[Bihaku] Japan's Leading Dark Spot Treatment Now Available in the US!

4 years ago, my friend Alison married a Japanese man, and they made their first big move to Japan.

I haven’t seen her since, as COVID became a big obstacle for both of us to see each other, but she just came back to the states with her young daughter recently.

At first glance, I thought to myself,

“Wait a minute… Alison? She looks stunning and even younger than the last time I saw her..!”

Her skin looked like porcelain – clear and even-toned without any makeup. We are both 41, but I began to feel self-conscious because I still wear thick foundations to conceal my dark spots, which seem to be getting darker.

I assumed that Japan or Asia must have advanced laser treatments or some other outrageous technologies that are not available in the US. However, Alison surprised me by saying that she had never tried those treatments.

She revealed, “I have just been consistent with ”BIHAKU” Japanese simple Brightening skincare routine while I was pregnant and postpartum. My friends in Japan recommended starting dark spot care earlier as dark spots are more noticeable after pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance.” Alison shared that she used the brand “b.glen” in Japan, which was unfamiliar to me. After my persistent requests, she sent me a text link a few days later, and I was thrilled to learn that b.glen is now available in the US!

Why does b.glen work for dark spots?.


Alison suggests that the combination of the following two products has a synergistic effect that directly works for dark spots:

Alison shared with me another secret of b.glen that might surprise you.

Many of the beauty products that you love and spend a lot of money on might not actually treat your skin at the source. The reason for this is that most beauty products are water-soluble, while your skin is covered in a layer of oil. As a result, these products cannot be fully absorbed by your skin.

However, QuSomes, one of b.glen’s most-loved features, have dual-absorption properties that allow them to penetrate both water and oil surfaces without irritating sensitive or inflamed skin. Moreover, QuSomes have time-release properties, which means that they slowly release pure Vitamin C into the skin throughout the day, providing antioxidants to combat sun damage.

What’s more, QuSomes are multi-layered structures that resemble alternating lipid and ingredient layers. This allows pure Vitamin C to treat years of sun damage, from the deepest layers of the skin to the surface, making it a highly effective treatment for improving skin health.

Start with 7-day intensive Trial Set for $20

To start, I recommend trying a 7-day trial set. As a natural skeptic, I decided to order a 5-item 7-day Brightening Care Trial Set for only $20, which seemed like a reasonable price for trying out new skincare products.

This set includes five different items, ranging from a cleanser to a moisturizing cream, and I have found it to be a great self-care practice to apply all five steps intentionally every morning and night. The soothing sensation of the products has made the process even more enjoyable.

Step 1 Clay Wash (face wash):

Ultra-fine, natural clay molecules (1/2000 the size of pores!) penetrate deep into the skin and suction-out dirt.

It can be used on sensitive skin and keeps the skin moisturized, as it is not foaming.

Removes dirt and preps the skin for further treatment.

Step 2 QuSome Lotion (toner):

Water-like toner which deeply conditions and strengthens the skin barrier, prepping it for the next steps!

This product features b.glen’s unique penetration technology, QuSome®, providing up to 17 hours of hydration and skin barrier protection, driving these ingredients deep into the skin.

Step 3 C Serum (serum):

This Vitamin C serum imparts a mild warming sensation on the skin once applied while gently tightening the skin (over time, with consistent use).

Vitamin C is an active ingredient with brightening, antibacterial and moisturizing effects.

Step 4 QuSome PowerBright (serum):

Milky serum with light floral scent featuring Arbutin、 a daytime-safe alternative to hydroquinone.

This serum’s main role is to reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation.

Step 5 QuSome Moisture Rich Cream (moisturizing cream):

A cream with a highly moisturizing effect seals all the active ingredients applied in previous steps into the skin.

Rich and emollient, this product restores vitality and boosts elasticity in the skin.

The 7-day trial size products have given me the confidence to continue with this treatment, as they provide enough time to assess if the product suits my skin. One-time sachet samples are not enough to make an informed decision.

What’s more, this set comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured you’re not losing out, even if it doesn’t suit your skin! (Note: this is for first-time purchases only).

And, shipping is also free, so you can try b.glen without risk!

7 days later, I felt my skin become smoother, and my friend noticed that my face looked brighter and even-toned without makeup. (Look at my pic 🙂). I decided to continue my treatment with their full-size C Serum and QuSome PowerBright to tackle my dark spots.

No wonder why the repeat purchase rate of b.glen is 98.5%!

All b.glen products are made in Japan where one of the safest and most advanced manufacturing technologies is located.

All of their services including customer service and shipping are based in the U.S., as the brand has a well-established subsidiary and warehouse in the U.S. They even offer a free beauty consultation in English as well, which helps you to feel even more secure with your purchases.

As this popular Brightening Care Set is limited, so try this before it’s gone.

Experience the difference on your own skin by trying the set for a week, with a money-back guarantee!

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